Web Film – The Cloud

A short promotional film for ‘The Cloud’ to build an investor audience and illustrate the benefits of their mobile technology.

The Brief
The Cloud required a new look on how they were being perceived within the wireless communications industry and to strengthen their investor audience, providing benefits to their position within the wireless communications industry. The solution was to provide a film that would not only target persona’s and provide scenarios illustrating the experience of mobile web technology via The Cloud, but to give a rich visual style that was contemporary also.

Developing each of the persona’s into a sequence which would flow from one to the next, making the film easy to follow. Several storyboards were then created to present the scenarios working alongside each other. From an early stage it was decided using live action would prove to be very costly and using a 3D animation style would be more cost effective.
The storyboard was then animated to get rough timings for each scene and was given to a 3D house who then developed the scenes as wire-frames ready for the client to approve.

Animation Development
Once each scene was approved for style, texturing and colouring, the rendered 3D files were then compiled in after effects and graded. Final stages included adding a voice-over and a suitable soundtrack that wasn’t too overpowering.
Development Stages

Director’s Cut
As with most creative projects the original ideas and concepts sometimes get stripped down to their bare minimum due to budget constraints or lack of time to completion. Due to some of these restraints The Cloud texturing process was limited and the figures were not animated fully.To get around this it was decided from an early stage to use silhouettes separating these users from the 3D world. This is not to say the final film didn’t answer the brief.
The Cloud – Director’s Cut

Client – The Cloud
Agency – Chemistry
Roles – Editing, Sound Design