Pieces – Film Poster

The Brief
Cappuccino Studios / writer & director Dan Sunley asked me to create a poster for their short horror “Pieces” to promote the film online.
As with previous projects I have worked on with Dan, the idea is always to keep it simple and clean. Below we both talk about the process and the final result.

Dan: “I tend to sketch posters out before I write the scripts – as a kind of visual log-lining; it’s an easier way for me to hone the premise of the film and give it definite mood.
The first impression of a poster is the one that lasts so I tried to keep it as simple as possible with one or two added details that you’d find on a second or third glance. The sketch was also a natural way for me to pass the ideas to Dean so he could create the artwork.”

Dean: “Dan had initially done the hard work of creating the poster design with a quick sketch, based on a discussion about how to show the film’s plot with just one simple graphic.

We both like old movies posters, particularly ones that are minimal, clean and low tech. I love the idea of creating a design with modern tools and making it look like it was created from paper or card.

My starting point was the colour palette and typeset from previous designs I created for social media and the film’s website, keeping on brand. After taking some inspiration from other posters of the horror and thriller genre, I finished with the design you see. Which I hope gains the attention of the viewer, but more importantly creates some mystery.”