Now then. Here’s some Graf & Architecture.

Now then. Here’s some Graf & Architecture is a collaboration between Diego Garcia and Myself, a short film documenting the relationship between graffiti & architecture.

Artist Statement
“Now then. Here’s some Graffiti and Architecture” aims to show the relationship Architecture has with Graffiti culture. While one is well documented the other is often seen as a form of vandalism, Art is a preserved media and it is conserved in white boxes for future generations to be admired. This works as a time capsule that re ects when it was created and the issues surrounding that era. Who is to say that Graffiti is not as high regard as art placed in galleries? The beauty of Graf ti is temporary, as it enters the mortal realm by having a limited time before it would start to decay – This makes it unvaluable. Graffiti’s context is for all us to see and not just the “privileged” ones.

As we are surrounded by streets and buildings, we are exposed to art that will vanish before our eyes as the living organism that a city is. Through the use of editing the two are put together to compose and complement one another, furthermore the medium means that the Graffiti is preserved but the viewer only sees quick glances – leading them to want more. The film transports the viewer to a place where Graffiti and Architecture interact, enhancing the beauty of each other. The composition of each full frame is knitted together blending three horizontal or vertical shots that give a new layer and mixture of themes, interacting in a suburban dance off.

“Now then” has gained ‘official selection’ in varying festivals globally and continues to divide opinions.

official selection – Indie Wise 2016
official selection – Golden Sun 2015
official selection – Wiper Film Festival 2015

Editing & direction by Diego Garcia & Dean Harris