Myriad – Numbers

Myriad “Numbers” was created as an internal communication video set to educate the company as a whole and how they operate. Myriad are a big, expanding communications company their facts and history are simply mind-boggling. Unfortunately, very few people within the business recognize this and the big contribution Myriad makes in to the market – which they are part of.
With this in mind the brief was to create an engaging film which not only was fun and upbeat, but also to showcase the facts and figures Myriad provide to the communications industry, but also the company itself.

With a long list of numbers and figures, the challenge was to keep the film interesting and exciting… One huge brainstorm later and few more lists, a scripted sequence was compiled and designer Pete Rix went to work creating a simple clear style, which gives the film it’s aesthetic.
During this stage, based on Pete’s early designs an animatic was made to gauge rough timings and pace, ready for animating. Steve Gilbert and myself then went to work in After Effects and Cinema 4D until completion of the final sequence.

After Effects/3D – Dean Harris and Steve Gilbert
Graphics – Pete Rix
Mixed @ The Farm
Music – Dewolfe / Love Grows By William Henries & Steven Haller
Sound design – Dean Harris
Voice Over – Melissa Lloyd (Calypso)
Client – Myriad
Agency – Chemistry