Dan Sunley Promotional Materials

Scriptwriter & Director Dan Sunley asked me to put together a series of ”one pagers” (promotional materials) to help support his pitching of current film scripts and screenplays to producers at the London screenwriters festival.

The Brief
The idea was a very simple one, to use a single image to invoke a reaction from the reader, using a clear minimal style taking influence from 1960’s movie posters. The images had to show genre of the written piece and to include key plot points from the story.

Process and development
Key to the project was to keep things minimal and simple; techniques, tools and colours to stay true to the process of creating the material using 1960’s techniques. Key imagery and mood boards were created for each piece to produce a visual that could be crafted into the final design, which hopefully not only entices the reader, but also intrigues them.
Like the stories themselves, each final design has its own personality and feel, whilst making them part of the same family.